Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rumble in SIXAXIS

SONY has scrapped rumble / force feedback from SIXAXIS PS3 gamepad.
But lately its seems that Sony will bring rumble back.

the problem is,

1. Do we must buy NEW SIXAXIS to get rumble?
if sony not relase somehing like extrnal rumnle pack, we will forced to buy new SIXAXIS

2. Battery life.
This should not e problem for new SIXAXIS with builtiin rumble, Sony probably will make the battery have higher capacity.
But if they released external SIXAXIS rumble pack, and we plug it on, im sure our SIXAXIS batt will die fast.

3. The price
current SIXAXIS is already expensive, and i really hate if i need to buy external rumble pack with high price.
and the NEW SIXAXIS maybe more expensive than the old on.

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