Friday, June 29, 2007

How to dump PS2 BIOS [ENGLISH]

This guide will guide you to dump PS2 BIOS to USB Mass Storage device (flash disk, harddisk external)

download dumpbios-mass.iso[].rar

1. extract []dumpbios-mass.iso.rar
2. burn the ISO to CD (if you use nero, use "burn image" function)

1. put the CD to PS2
2. Plug flashdisk to Playstation2 USB port
3. Turn on your PS2....

the dumping process will begin.

Dumping bios completed when :
"DUMPING NVM completed"

displayed on screen


Anonymous said...

download link is broken

orangpelupa said...


ben said...

i have tryed this on my ps2 i have version 7 and it kepps saying that it has falied and i have tryed it with diffrent usb flash drives and none work with this program can you plz help me

orangpelupa said...

please tell me what the "failed" message. so i can determind the problem, andf maybe i can help u.


Anonymous said...

I only get a txt file when i use the dl link!

orangpelupa said...
i still can download from there. try downloading using Opera web browser


Anonymous said...

the file doesn't work i followed all step and it didn't do anything do u have 2 wait if so how long

orangpelupa said...

hmm, are your PS2 is modchiped?

the application need a ps2 with modchip to boot.
and it have some compatibility isue with some flashdisk.

NGAGE work.

Dexter said...

Hey, I burned the iso to a CD not a DVD it does not recognise it on te PS2. It displays a message: "Cannot read disc". please help. my email is luster123 (at)
You must replace the (at) with @.

Anonymous said...

Yeah im getting the same error as dexter, its saying please insert a playstation or playstation 2 format disc. Thanks for your help.

orangpelupa said...

hmm, are your PS2 have modchip?

the application need a ps2 with modchip to boot. (or free MC boot)