Monday, June 18, 2007

Get Connected! anywhere

N6600 running Opera Mini
Opera mini
This small (under 100KB) java web browser allow all JAVA enabled phones to browse all websites. This practically turn your phone into full-fledge prtable web browser.

- Can browse lmost any kinds of website.
- Data transfered is compressed, reduce bandwidh cost (cheaper internet).
- Very small filesize.
- Support photo upload (photo blogging).
- Also support JAVA enabled PDA-Phone.

- Slow loading (sometime).
- Data only compressed on JAVA 2 Midp (or newer) phones.
- eat phone ram after opening a lot of web pages.
- gmail only showed in "standart HTML" mode.

download at (from PC).
download at (from cellphone).

Mig33 allow you to chat not only in Mig33 chat network but also on MSN and YM.
Mig33 is JAVA app so you need JAVA enabled phone to run it.

Get at

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