Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wizpy media player/portable PC

quoted from dottocomu:

Japanese firm Turbolinux is showing off an interesting device called the wizpy, which doubles as a portable media player and as a take-anywhere Linux box that you can hook up to a PC via USB to access your apps and settings. As a media player it handles OGG/mp3/WMA/AAC audio and DivX video and includes an FM radio, voice recorder and still picture/text viewer; in PC mode, you get access to Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, wordprocessing and other applications and about 2.5G of storage space on flash memory.

The wizpy comes in at a pretty compact 84x42x12mm and a featherlight 60g, with battery life claimed at 10 hours. It's only a prototype at the moment (though the Turbolinux folks had one connected to a Windows laptop to give the launch presentation, so it's certainly beyond the Photoshop stage), but they indicate it should be out next February for under Y30,000.

Taiyo Yuden Triple Guard DVD-R

ini quoted dari

kg_evilboy wrote in with the following complete news:

On May 24, 2007, Taiyo Yuden announced the introduction of the new That's "Triple Guard" DVD-R product series.

The triple protection of the recording side is achieved by three components:
Scratch guard: 200x more durable to scratches than ordinary Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Prevents accidental scratches that may occur while putting the disc into and getting it out of the case or drive.
Fingerprint protection: The stickiness on the Triple Guard surface is less than 1/7 of the stickiness on normal Taiyo Yuden DVD-R.
Static protection: 1000x more static electric discharge, compared to normal Taiyo Yuden DVD-R.

The new, inkjet-printable Triple Guard 16x DVD-R will be released to the market on June 12 in 10 slim jewel case packs and 50 disc cakeboxes, for both (CPRM) video and data usage.

Layar setipis kertas yang dapat ditekuk

Sony telah berhasil membuat Layar setipis kertas yang dapat ditekuk. Dunia seperti apa yang akan dibentuk dari layar ini?

[source : afterdawn]

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce Codebreaker Code

code codebreaker .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce dari Walktrough si Zer0

Master Code (CB6+/Gs3+/XP4+):
9012FED0 0C04BF5C

All Characters Unlocked:

All Characters Online And Never Busy:
2AFBA86E 00000000

Lots of Money (Starting New Game)
1016904c 00007FFF

Max Greeting Cards
20AC9100 63636363
20AC9104 63636363
10AC9108 00006363
00AC910A 00000063

Min Time
20ABFEB8 00000000

Max Time
20ABFEB8 0CDFe5c5


Max Chims
10ACD530 00000063

Characters 1

Level 50
00ABFEBC 00000032

Quick Exp Gain
D0ABFEBE 002003E7
10ABFEBE 000003E7

Infinite GP

Max GP

Max HP
20ABFEC4 0001869F

Max SP
20ABFEC8 0001869F

10ABFECC 0000270F

10ABFECE 0000270F

10ABFED0 0000270F

10ABFED2 0000270F

Max Fire
10ABFED4 0000270F

Max Water
10ABFED6 0000270F

Max Wind
10ABFED8 0000270F

Max Earth
10ABFEDA 0000270F

Max Light
10ABFEDC 0000270F

Max Dark
10ABFEDE 0000270F

Max Weapon Skill Level (Haseo)
10AC09FE 00000014
10AC0A00 00000014
10AC0A02 00000014
10AC0A10 00000014
10AC0A22 00000014
10AC0A34 00000014
10AC0A46 00000014
10AC0A58 00000014
10AC0A6A 00000014

Character Modifer (Haseo)
10AC82E4 00000???

Party Modifier (1st slot)
10AC82E6 00000???

Party Modifier (2nd slot)
10AC82E8 00000???

FFFF= no friend (Works fine)
0000= Haseo (Works fine)
0001= Atoli (Works fine)
0002= Kuhn (Works fine)
0003= Pi (Works fine)
0004= Silabus (Works fine)
0005= Gaspard (Works fine)
0006= Piros (Works fine)
0007= Alkaid (Works fine)
0008= SakuBo (Works fine)
0009= Endrance (Works fine)
000A - Antares
000B - Matsu
000C - Yata
000D - Ovan
000E - Zelkova
000F - Taihaku
0010= Gabi
0011= Shino (Doesn't work)
0012= Sirius (Crashes, cannot go to fields)
0013= IYOTEN (Works fine)
0014= Asta (Works fine)
0015= Nala (Works fine)
0016= AIDA Bordeaux (Works fine)
0017= Sakaki
0018= Crash
0019= Hiiragi (Works fine)
001A - Sophora (Works fine)
001B - Azure Kite (Crashes, cannot go to fields)
001C - Azure Balmung (Works fine)
001D - Azure Orca (Works fine)
001E - Negimaru (Works fine)
001F - Grein
0020 - Unknown (Crashes)
0021 - Tabby (Crashes)

Max Item Codes
Slot 1
10AC0D46 00000063

Slot 2
10AC0D4A 00000063

Slot 3
10AC0D4E 00000063

Slot 4
10AC0D52 00000063

Slot 5
10AC0D56 00000063

Slot 6
10AC0D5A 00000063

Slot 7
10AC0D5E 00000063

Slot 8
10AC0D62 00000063

Slot 9
10AC0D66 00000063

Slot 10
10AC0D6A 00000063

Slot 11
10AC0D6E 00000063

Slot 12
10AC0D72 00000063

Slot 13
10AC0D76 00000063

Slot 14
10AC0D7A 00000063

Slot 15
10AC0D7E 00000063

Slot 16
10AC0D82 00000063

Slot 17
10AC0D86 00000063

Slot 18
10AC0D8A 00000063

Slot 19
10AC0D8E 00000063

Slot 20
10AC0D92 00000063

Slot 21
10AC0D96 00000063

Slot 22
10AC0D9A 00000063

Slot 23
10AC0D9E 00000063

Slot 24
10AC0DA2 00000063

Slot 25
10AC0DA6 00000063

Slot 26
10AC0DAA 00000063

Slot 27
10AC0DAE 00000063

Slot 28
10AC0DB2 00000063

Slot 29
10AC0DB6 00000063

Slot 30
10AC0DBA 00000063

--Max Item Modifiers--

Item 1
20AC0D44 0063????

Item 2
20AC0D48 0063????

Item 3
20AC0D4C 0063????

Item 4
20AC0D50 0063????

Item 5
20AC0D54 0063????

Item 6
20AC0D58 0063????

Item 7
20AC0D5C 0063????

Item 8
20AC0D60 0063????

20AC0D64 0063????

Item 10
20AC0D68 0063????

Item 11
20AC0D6C 0063????

Item 12
20AC0D70 0063????

Item 13
20AC0D74 0063????

Item 14
20AC0D78 0063????

Item 15
20AC0D7C 0063????

Item 16
20AC0D80 0063????

Item 17
20AC0D84 0063????

Item 18
20AC0D88 0063????

Item 19
20AC0D8C 0063????

Item 20
20AC0D90 0063????

Item 21
20AC0D94 0063????

Item 22
20AC0DA0 0063????

Item 23
20AC0DA4 0063????

Item 24
20AC0DA8 0063????

Item 25
20AC0DAC 0063????

Item 26
20AC0DB0 0063????

Item 27
20AC0DB4 0063????

Item 28
20AC0DB8 0063????

Item 29
20AC0DBC 0063????

Item 30
20AC0DB0 0063????

Item List

00 Health Drink
01 Healing Serum
02 Healing Portion
03 Healing Tonic
04 Healing Rain
05 Revive Rain
06 Healing Storm
07 Revive Storm
08 Spirit Drop
09 Fairy Drop
0A Elven Drop
0B -
0C Spirit Rain
0D Fairy Rain
0E Elven Rain
0F -
10 Weird Black Tea
11 Strange Coffee
12 Special Tea
13 Holy Portion
14 Godly Portion
15 Wonder Portion
16 -
17 Antidote Soda
18 Stimulant Soda
19 Blessing Soda
1A Solution Soda
1B Esthesio Soda
1C Lucid Soda
1D Wonder Soda
1E Omnipotent Soda
1F -
20 Revival Medicine
21 Revive Potion
22 Revival Serum
23 -
24 Vital Talisman
25 Spirit Talisman
26 Vital Charm
27 Spirit Charm
28 Speed Talisman
29 Speed Charm
2A Asian Mango
2B Caramel Sauce
2C Fire Storm
2D Fire Barrel
2E Tidal Wave
2F Water Dragon
30 Tornado
31 Hurricane Razor
32 Earth Spike
33 Earth Rain
34 Light Arrows
35 Holy Arrows
36 Air Stroke
37 Hell Raiser
38 -
39 The Death
3A The Moon
3B The Devil
3C The Emperor
3D The Hanged Man
3E The Hermit
3F The Fool
40 The Lovers
41 The Wheel
42 Warrior Blood
43 Knight Blood
44 Wizard Blood
45 Astrologer Blood
46 Warrior Seal
47 Knight Seal
48 Wizard Seal
49 Astrologer Seal
4A Warrior Soul
4B Knight Soul
4C Wizard Soul
4D Astrologer Soul
4E Warrior Chain
4F Knight Chain
50 Wizard Chain
51 Astrologer Chain
52 -
53 Smoke Screen
54 Fairy's Orb
55 Return Feather
56 Return Wing
57 Fire Mouse Skin
58 Olm Shell
59 Wing Of Lufu
5A Soil Bug Antenna
5B Scorpion Tail
5C Midoro Flagellum
5D Sleeping Powder
5E Mantis Nail
5F Bear Paw
60 Thunder Deer Hoof
61 Dark Lizard Tail
62 Astrid Specimen
63 Cow Stomach
64 Stingray Stinger
65 Shark Tooth
66 Niku Baku Tongue
67 Ein Baku Tongue
68 Demon Bat Horn
69 Maiden's Hair
6A Sabertooth Tooth
6B Niku Baku Fur
6C Ein Baku Fur
6D Niku Baku Jawbone
6E Ein Baku Jawbone
6F Stopping Moss
70 Hermit Shell
71 -
72 Turtle Shell
73 Turtle Crest
74 Cleansing Pill
75 Jinx's Bane
76 Caffeine Drink
77 Poison Leaf
78 Curse Plant
79 Dream Wood Leaf
7A Body Egg
7B Mind Egg
7C Body Scale
7D Mind Scale
7E Fire Resist Seal
7F Aqua Board
80 Calm Propeller
81 Dustproof Lens
82 Iron Shell
83 Iron Crest
84 Armadillo Shell
85 Armadillo Crest
86 Tinted Glass
87 Flashl Light
88 Opening Cutters
89 Fast Glycerin
8A Anti-Paralysis
8B Blast Leaf
8C Whirlpool Leaf
8D Vacuum Leaf
8E Desert Rose Leaf
8F Flash Leaf
90 Dark Leaf
91 Coiling Vine
92 Paralysis Leaf
93 Firm Stone
94 Body Larva
95 Mind Larva
96 Body Wing
97 Mind Wing
98 Tortoise Shell
99 Tortoise Crest
9A Twin Scales
9B Steel Shell
9C Steel Crest
9D Legendary Shell
9E Legendary Crest
9F Sanity Fan
A0 Health Aroma
A1 Confusion Leaf
A2 -
A3 Body Butterfly
A4 Wing Butterfly
A5 Body Moth
A6 Mind Moth
A7 World Mirror
A8 -
A9 Red Sun Stone
AA Blue Moon Ore
AB White Star Sand
AC Gray Comet Dust
AD Gold Snake Skin
AE Dowsing Rod
AF Amber Dragon Eye
B0 Evil Snake Skin
B1 Dowsing Chain
B2 Gudo Oil
B3 Spirit Tree Bud
B4 Boost Candle
B5 Barrier Peach
B6 Jade Dragon Eye
B7 Colored Core
B8 Giant Snake Skin
B9 Dowsing Board
BA Skill Candle
BB Vigor Crystal
BC Spirit Crystal
BD Cat Whiskers
BE Funbolt Oil
BF Sapphire Eye
C0 to CE -
CF Beginner's Text
D0 Master's Text
D1 Beginner's Book
D2 Master's Book
D3 -
D4 Text of Power
D5 Book of Power
D6 Text of Stamina
D7 Book of Stamina
D8 Text of Wisdom
D9 Book of Wisdom
DA Text of Sense
DB Book of Sense
DC Word of Vigor
DD Dawn Chim Chim
DE Word of Spirit
DF Dusk Chim Chim
E0 -
E1 Life Scroll
E2 Antidote Scroll
E3 Dawn Bird Scroll
E4 Priest Scroll
E5 Life Scroll 2
E6 Resurrect Scroll
E7 Reflex Scroll
E8 Repeal Scroll
E9 Sanity Scroll
EA Hellfire Scroll
EB Tidal Scroll
EC Tornado Scroll
ED Avalanche Scroll
EE Halcyon Scroll
EF Abyss Scroll
F0 Vitality scroll
F1 Goblet of Vows
F2 Bronze Grunty
F3 Chim Crown
F4 Coupon

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai

Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai
sekuel dari anime mystary-thriller-drama "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni".

terbit nya Juli 2007.

[source :]

Thursday, May 24, 2007

PowerDVD Ultra supports AMD UVD Technology on Radeon HD 2000 Series

Direct copy-paste from afterdawn :p

Cyberlink Corp. has announced that its HD playback software, PowerDVD Ultra, now supports AMD UVD Unified Video Decoder technology on the newly released ATI Radeon HD 2400 series and ATI Radeon 2600 series graphics cards. PowerDVD Ultra supports playback of Blu-ray Discs, HD DVDs, and DVDs, and now offers support for AMD UVD Technology ensuring a high-quality playback experience with minimal power consumption on both Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

With support for AMD UVD features like VC-1, MPEG-4 H.264 CABAC (Context-based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding), Motion Compensation and iDCT (Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform), both desktop PC and notebook users will be able to enjoy enhanced video quality with incredibly low CPU consumption.

"CyberLink is delighted to work with AMD to deliver the best high-quality video playback possible with PowerDVD Ultra optimized for the latest ATI Radeon HD2000 series graphics cards," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corp. "This is indeed a great success for both AMD and CyberLink to satisfy the growing demand for high-definition video performance within the mainstream PC market."

"We built UVD just for applications like PowerDVD Ultra," said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD's Graphics Products Group. "We've provided the technology that enables high-quality playback with very low power consumption - ideal for notebooks or silent media center applications - and Cyberlink provides a sophisticated, easy to use application for the user."

Akhirnya PS3 upscale PS1, PS2 dan DVD-Video

PlayStation 3 (PS3) 1.80 firmware update membuat PS3 mampu men-upscale game PlayStation 1 (PS1) dan PlayStation 2 (PS2), serta DVD-Video, menjadi 1080p (Full HD) pada layar HD.

Update ini juga menyertakan RemotePlay, fungsi yang mengijinkan pengguna PSP untuk mengakses PS3 mereka dari seluruh penjuru dunia (selama ada akses internet).

PS3 kini juga mampu secara langsung mencetak gambar pada beberapa printer Epson.

dan ini sedikit pejelasan mengenai upscaling oleh Ludikhris.

I did the update. On LCD screens this does some magic to PS2 games.

Hope this answers your questions......

Upscaling affects the resolution of the game, so the jagged marks that plague a picture not suited for a HiDef LCD and lessened. They also added a smoother for PS and PS2 games, this smear the textures a little to make them look better. I know the textures on FF12 looked pretty bad on my LCD but when I downloaded this between the upscaling and the smoothing I am pretty happy. Too bad I already finished the game.

In short it does not create new data to fill in the resolution. I just bases what appears on what is around it. Due to the increase in resolution there is some serious alias and interlacing that needs to be done. When you watch the screen close enough the games that do not support Progressive formats have some interlacing issues. So because NEW textures are not created but more "borrowed" you are not seeing "true HD". In a bluray disc each pixel is its own, the textures are original so the picture appears perfect.

Think of it this way. With a high resolution you CAN represent awesome textures. However with the same resolution you can represent a two circle sections one white one red. Now the red and white circles will not look amazing, but they will look much closer to circles at 1080i/p than they would at 480i/p where you would noticeably see the jagged edges around the bends.

Many people confuse resolution with complex textures.
You can play Atari games in 1080p, they arent going to look like PS3 games though.

Overall, good update! Im turning a PC into a media server based on the new features!

[source : afterdawn]

Play PS2 Backups on PS3

pizzag on Afterdawn forum has posted a tutorial to boot ps2 backups on ps3.

OK, I wanted a fairly easy way to play my PS2 backups on my
PS3. I have read that you can do it by taking apart your PS3
and cutting a hole in the top and yadayada. Leaving the top
off of my PS3 to play PS2 backups didn't sound attractive to
me. So i searched around and found a forum for PS2 talking
about a tray switch for the fat PS2's back in the day. So i
did some brainstorming and figured it might work. I went to
Radio shack and purchased a 3 way toggle switch for $5. I
highly recommend 3 way. At radio shack it was called a middle
off switch. That way your drive motor is not constantly running.
I came home and soldered the wires to the switch.

A note before we start. This is a fairly easy process, the
most trouble i had was trying to figure out where to put the
switch. there is no room to work with. I ended up taking out
my card reader on my PS3 because i never use it and just mounted
the switch there. You could possibly let it hang out. It's up to
you. Just remember that if you plan to retain original
functionality as far as the drive sensor and automatic load/unload motor, you will need 2 additional small on/off switches.

for the complete tutorial, go to this thread on afterdawn forum.

if you have Blu-Ray Writer, please try copy a ps3 game, and try it. and please tell me is it work?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

.hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce FMV

Its almost a week im playing .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce.

and i already released the FMV in AVI DivX :D
my releases will not be hosted on an sites (slow internet, hard to upload or torrent :D)

And, the FMV quality is worse than vol1, maybe thats because Bandai-namco include .hack roots episode 1 on the .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce game disc. it take 1GB !!!

Play as Azure Kite? Ovan? on .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce

When reading .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce walktrough by Zer0, looking a way to beat Oswald, i stumbled on chracter modifier code :D

there i found codes to play as Azure Kite, Auze Orca, Azure Balmung, Ovan etc.

Typed the code to my codebreaker, boot .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce, and its really work :D
Ovan have 7000GP, have some attack skill, but i have not tried his skills (the game crash when i press R1 and use Haseo's skill).

i'll try that tomorrow (if i have soome free time) :D
and i'll give some screenshots

btw, heres the codes

.hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce CODEBREAKER code
Master Code (must be ON in order the code to work):
9012FED0 0C04BF5C

Play as .... (use only one, dont activate more than one)
10AC82E4 0000001B - Play as Azure Kite
10AC82E4 0000001C - Play as Azure Balmung
10AC82E4 0000001D - Play as Azure Orca
10AC82E4 0000000D - Play as Ovan

for the complete codes (Codebreaker and ActionReplay MAX / ARMAX), go to gamefaqs, and look for Zer0's .hack//G.U Vol.2//Reminisce Walktrough.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Full-fledge Web Browser on cellphone

Opera Mini make all JAVA enabled phone to surf the web. I have tried many things, and opera mini also support photo blogging :D. all web pages will ber endered for small screen and the page will have very small file size (only a few KiloBytes).


Get all RSS news on your phone
Subscribe to your favorite RSS news feeds and every time you connect with Opera Mini all updates are just one click away. Sort the articles by feed source or by date.

Photo blogging
Point, snap, publish
Share a picture from anywhere, anytime with your phone using Opera Mini's photo sharing feature. Upload your photo to a blog or forum, or as an e-mail attachment. Photo sharing just got easier.

Get stuff
With Opera Mini you can download files directly to your mobile phone from the Web. Get all the sound bytes, images, documents and applications straight from the site.

Secure connection
Safe and sound
Do even more online with Opera Mini. Secure connections will now let you safely use secured sites, such as your e-mail, bank site, online stores, with no exposure of your personal details.

Faster loading
And now even faster
All subsequent requests to a server within a session are now quicker. Opera Mini keeps an open connection between server and client reducing overhead TCP set-up times.

to feel the power of opera mini, go to
to download go to (from PC) or (for Mobile phone)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Boot SMS without ModChip

SMS, a MediaPlayer for PS2 created by
Eugene Plotnikov.

With SMS 2.2 PS2 can play :
- Video : AVI DivX/Xvid, MPEG1, MPEG2.
- Audio : MP3 (embeded on avi, and .mp3 file), .OGG, AC3 (embeded on avi).

This sms disc image
(ver 1.7r4), you can play
SMS on PS2 WITHOUT modchip.

When loaded, the disc will load uLE,
go to CDFS then open SMS_version_17.ELF to run SMS.


And, please go to
SMS official site to download newest SMS (currently SMS 2.2).

put it on USB Flash Disk, plug it on PS2 USB port.

from uLE, go to MASS, find SMS Version 2.2.elf and run it.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Akan ada PlayStation lagi !?

Uhuh, PS3 belum lama muncul, sudah ada kabar SONY akan mengeluarkan PS yang baru. Kabarnya sih PS yang baru ini akan sama persis dengan PlayStation 3 tapi dengan tambahan software home entertainment dan sedikit perubahan hardware.

Ini sepertinya sama dengan yang dilakukan SONY dengan PSX nya, PS2 tapi dilengkapi fitur home entertainment dan recording DVD. hmmm, apa di PS3X (atau PSX3 yah...) akan ada built-in Blu-ray writer? software editing video? hmmm

PS3 harga udah kelewat mahal, PS3X bakal dijual berapa tuh , seremmm

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

Serangkaian kode, err, hexadecimal. Yang bisa menembus beberapa proteksi AACS di Blu-Ray movies dan HD-DVD movies.

Katanya sih angka angka diatas illegal. Tapi itu kan cuman angka, cuman serangkaian karakter, apanya yang illegal XD