Tuesday, April 21, 2009

need good JRPG

after the good Lost Odyssey and Eternal sonata (but the last 2 chapter is weird...) there no really good JRPG....

Vesperia is good but i dont know why but i still love Taes of The Abyss, the plot twist and char development is so good on Abyss.

there still star ocean 4 ... only the battle that keep my playing it >_<

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheat Star Ocean 4 : The Last Hope

WARNING : you may get banned. i think editing game save is forbidden by microsoft.

sometime i just want to folow the story... no need for leveling etc etc....
click the image below to see how to cheat on star ocean 4.

changing that values will allow you to change or have max money,max HP,max MP,max SP (skill point), max ATK, max HIT, max GRD,max LEVEL, etc etc.

What you need
1. Download xplorer360
2. Download Hex Editor. EditPad is free
3. Download CON Resigner
3. Disassemble your Xbox 360 HDD and connect it to SATA port on PC. (xbox-hq have the tut)

then just use xplorer360 to copy the savegame.
its located on
Partition 3 > Content > your profile > 535107DD > 0000001 (or something similar)

your profile folder usually the top-most folder.