Thursday, August 23, 2007


Now all Bricked PSP can be revived :D
and you that stuck on 3.52 firmware also can downgrade it :D

Pandora's Battery will act as PSP unbricker and Universal PSP Downgrader

Download here or here (200KB)

Anyway - make sure to read the readme.txt in this release for how to use it, but in brief it works like this:
-You run a program on a homebrew-enabled PSP that will convert a standard PSP battery into a jigkick battery. Note that you can't then use that battery normally - so you should use a spare one.
-You run a program to generate the unbricker memory stick image, built from the v1.5 update EBOOT (note that this, and the custom IPL, means the release is completely free of Sony copyright materials).
-You run some programs on a PC to install the image to your memory stick.

Now, you have a battery/memory stick pair that works just like the famous jigkick combination (but better) - just insert them into any PSP (even a brick) and the PSP will be reinstalled with the v1.5 firmware. As far as we know, this will continue to work for all future firmwares.

and here the readme

____ __ ____
/\ _`\ /\ \ /\ _`\
\ \ \/\_\ \_\ \___\ \ \/\ \
\ \ \/_/_/\___ __\\ \ \ \ \
\ \ \L\ \/__/\ \_/ \ \ \_\ \
\ \____/ \ \_\ \ \____/
\/___/ \/_/ \/___/


A universal PSP unbricker/downgrader by the Prometheus project, also
known as Team C+D.

- A spare PSP Battery. Any make will do. Using a spare is best, as it
will not be possible to boot the PSP in its normal state with the
modified battery.
- A spare Memory Stick Pro Duo of less than 4Gb. (256Mb should be
enough for all applications).
- A PSP with a Custom Firmware such as OE, M33 or WC, or a PSP with
the 1.5 original kernel.

- Connect the PSP to the PC with the Memory Stick inside via the USB
- Format the Memory Stick using any utility.
- Use mspformat to format the Memory Stick logically.
- Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
- Connect the Memory Stick again via the USB connection of the PSP.
- Manually create the PSP/GAME (optionally PSP/GAME150) folders on the
Memory Stick.
- Copy the "battery" and "installer" programs to the PSP/GAME
(optionally PSP/GAME150) folder.
- Copy the 1.50 official updater as UPDATE.PBP to the root of the
Memory Stick.
- Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
- Run "installer" through the firmware on the PSP. This application
will create the firmware files on the root of the Memory Stick, as
well as msipl.bin.
- Connect the Memory Stick again via the USB connection of the PSP.
- Execute "msipl" application on the PC with the msipl.bin to write
the IPL to memory stick.
- Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
- Execute "battery" application on the PSP to modify the battery.
- Congratulation, you are now in posession of a "Magic Memory Stick"
and a "JigKick Battery".

- Insert Memory Stick into the PSP
- Remove power cord and insert the JigKick Battery into the PSP.
- A menu appears when the PSP boots. Follow the onscreen information
and instructions.

- The firmware in the Memory Stick is not a full 1.50, but a minimal
subset. Therefore, not all applications (such as flashers, or
recovery apps) will load.
- Only Memory Stick Pro Duo are compatible. Memory Stick Duo
(e.g. 32MB sticks) are not supported.
- The IDStorage cannot be totally restored, as there is no known way
to regenerate it properly.
- It is strongly RECOMMENDED to make a flash dump of the PSP before
any downgrading operation.
- There might be a BSOD at the end of the downgrade. This is normal,
and happens on the standard downgraders.
- All hardware revisions known at this day are supported.
- This release contains no Sony-copyrighted material. All required
Sony data is generated from the v1.50 update files.

- Please do not edit or remove these credits... ;)
- All work done by the Prometheus team aka Team C+D:

Adrahil (VoidPointer)
Cswindle (Caretaker)
Dark_AleX (Malyot)
Fanjita (FullerMonty)
Joek2100 (CosmicOverSoul)
Mathieulh (WiseFellow)
Nem (h1ckeyph0rce)
TyRaNiD (bockscar)

- With thanks to everyone who has contributed to the PSPSDK, without which
nothing would have been possible.

source :

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haruhi caramelldansen MP4 available

here the MP4 version
704x400 MP4 about 6MB

sory the video quality not too good, uploading is really a pain lol

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Haruhi caramell dance FIXED ver

here the fixed timming version

its now have good timming lol

but sorry, cant upload the 704x400 MP4 for this, i already overlimit my internet

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Haruhi caramell dance

Haruhi Dance mixed with caramell dansen
download the 704x400 resolution MP4 here 5.3MB

i know the timing a bit off on the half-way

just too lazy to edit it again, its a pain editing video in athlon xp 1.4GHz LOL

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Teen faces up to year in jail for recording 20 seconds of movie with phone

quoted from afterdawn
A teen girl in Texas was arrested and now faces up to a year in jail and a $2500 USD fine after recording a 20 second clip from the movie Transformers to show her little brother.

The girl recorded the clip on her phone and was arrested minutes later on the charges that she was a pirate. The girl, understandably was terrified. “I was crying, I’ve never been in trouble before.” She hoped to get her little brother hyped to go pay and see the movie by recording a small clip of the action.

Obviously the girl was not planning to sell the grainy 20 second clip, but the theater, in Arlington, did not care. Kendrick Macdowell, a representative National Association of Theater Owners said in a response: “We cannot educate theater managers to be judges and juries in what is acceptable. Theater managers cannot distinguish between good and bad stealing.”

Nothing else can be said on how disgusting this is, so I will leave this article with the hope that the judge throws this case out.