Saturday, February 9, 2008

SMS 2.6 rev1 status update

SMS - a mediaplayer for ps2

Sms 2.6 rev1 have a few problem with aac audio.
- Currently sms not support HE-AAC.
- now you can connect two usb flashdisk to both PS2 usb port
- Usb is faster now, should get rid all the 'shuttering' problem.

If you have problem playing your movie, feel free to ask here.
Or go to sms official forum at


Friday, February 8, 2008

SMS Version 2.6 (Rev.1)

SMS Version 2.6 (Rev.1)
A Mediaplayer fo PS2

Supported format:
AVI, divx/xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2, ogg, mp3, ac3, srt subtitle, wma, asf, pcm, aac

Supported media:
Cd/dvd, usb mass storage (flash disk, external harddisk), network (play files saved on your PC, NAS Harddisk)

Supported language :
Many, sms support many language by using the sms language files:
English (its the default)
Japan (get it here)
Etc (crylic, and some more, go to SMS official forum)

download SMS Version 2.6 (Rev.1)

Changelog for Version 2.6 (Rev.1)

- updated USB mass storage driver in attempt to raise data transfer speed. For my USB flash memory
stick there's improvement from ~500KB/s to ~700KB/s. This is quite experimental stuff, so if
this won't work then there's a possibility to load "old" version from 'mc:/SMS' folder same
way as for 'USBD.IRX' described above. Driver name must be 'USBM.IRX', however :). Note, that
keeping filesystem on the USB device defragmented also improves performance !!!
- added support for raw .aac files (ADTS only). Thanks to 'hip203' for the sample files;
- added support for AAC audio in .avi files (codec ID 0x000000FF). Thanks to 'hip203' and 'MrJiggles'
for the sample clips;
- updated SMS image generator. Added possibility to embed custom palette into generated image, so
SMS palette can be managed by background image;