Friday, February 8, 2008

SMS Version 2.6 (Rev.1)

SMS Version 2.6 (Rev.1)
A Mediaplayer fo PS2

Supported format:
AVI, divx/xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2, ogg, mp3, ac3, srt subtitle, wma, asf, pcm, aac

Supported media:
Cd/dvd, usb mass storage (flash disk, external harddisk), network (play files saved on your PC, NAS Harddisk)

Supported language :
Many, sms support many language by using the sms language files:
English (its the default)
Japan (get it here)
Etc (crylic, and some more, go to SMS official forum)

download SMS Version 2.6 (Rev.1)

Changelog for Version 2.6 (Rev.1)

- updated USB mass storage driver in attempt to raise data transfer speed. For my USB flash memory
stick there's improvement from ~500KB/s to ~700KB/s. This is quite experimental stuff, so if
this won't work then there's a possibility to load "old" version from 'mc:/SMS' folder same
way as for 'USBD.IRX' described above. Driver name must be 'USBM.IRX', however :). Note, that
keeping filesystem on the USB device defragmented also improves performance !!!
- added support for raw .aac files (ADTS only). Thanks to 'hip203' for the sample files;
- added support for AAC audio in .avi files (codec ID 0x000000FF). Thanks to 'hip203' and 'MrJiggles'
for the sample clips;
- updated SMS image generator. Added possibility to embed custom palette into generated image, so
SMS palette can be managed by background image;

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Anonymous said...

its not working fully with ac3 avi having 5.1 channel sound