Thursday, May 24, 2007

Play PS2 Backups on PS3

pizzag on Afterdawn forum has posted a tutorial to boot ps2 backups on ps3.

OK, I wanted a fairly easy way to play my PS2 backups on my
PS3. I have read that you can do it by taking apart your PS3
and cutting a hole in the top and yadayada. Leaving the top
off of my PS3 to play PS2 backups didn't sound attractive to
me. So i searched around and found a forum for PS2 talking
about a tray switch for the fat PS2's back in the day. So i
did some brainstorming and figured it might work. I went to
Radio shack and purchased a 3 way toggle switch for $5. I
highly recommend 3 way. At radio shack it was called a middle
off switch. That way your drive motor is not constantly running.
I came home and soldered the wires to the switch.

A note before we start. This is a fairly easy process, the
most trouble i had was trying to figure out where to put the
switch. there is no room to work with. I ended up taking out
my card reader on my PS3 because i never use it and just mounted
the switch there. You could possibly let it hang out. It's up to
you. Just remember that if you plan to retain original
functionality as far as the drive sensor and automatic load/unload motor, you will need 2 additional small on/off switches.

for the complete tutorial, go to this thread on afterdawn forum.

if you have Blu-Ray Writer, please try copy a ps3 game, and try it. and please tell me is it work?


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