Thursday, May 24, 2007

Akhirnya PS3 upscale PS1, PS2 dan DVD-Video

PlayStation 3 (PS3) 1.80 firmware update membuat PS3 mampu men-upscale game PlayStation 1 (PS1) dan PlayStation 2 (PS2), serta DVD-Video, menjadi 1080p (Full HD) pada layar HD.

Update ini juga menyertakan RemotePlay, fungsi yang mengijinkan pengguna PSP untuk mengakses PS3 mereka dari seluruh penjuru dunia (selama ada akses internet).

PS3 kini juga mampu secara langsung mencetak gambar pada beberapa printer Epson.

dan ini sedikit pejelasan mengenai upscaling oleh Ludikhris.

I did the update. On LCD screens this does some magic to PS2 games.

Hope this answers your questions......

Upscaling affects the resolution of the game, so the jagged marks that plague a picture not suited for a HiDef LCD and lessened. They also added a smoother for PS and PS2 games, this smear the textures a little to make them look better. I know the textures on FF12 looked pretty bad on my LCD but when I downloaded this between the upscaling and the smoothing I am pretty happy. Too bad I already finished the game.

In short it does not create new data to fill in the resolution. I just bases what appears on what is around it. Due to the increase in resolution there is some serious alias and interlacing that needs to be done. When you watch the screen close enough the games that do not support Progressive formats have some interlacing issues. So because NEW textures are not created but more "borrowed" you are not seeing "true HD". In a bluray disc each pixel is its own, the textures are original so the picture appears perfect.

Think of it this way. With a high resolution you CAN represent awesome textures. However with the same resolution you can represent a two circle sections one white one red. Now the red and white circles will not look amazing, but they will look much closer to circles at 1080i/p than they would at 480i/p where you would noticeably see the jagged edges around the bends.

Many people confuse resolution with complex textures.
You can play Atari games in 1080p, they arent going to look like PS3 games though.

Overall, good update! Im turning a PC into a media server based on the new features!

[source : afterdawn]

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