Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Opera Mini 4 Beta : Dimension REVIEW

I know, i rarely give reviews, but opera mini 4 beta is just to great!

Opera Mini 3 have its own problem when handling forms, and this is fixed in opera mini beta 4. Not only that, the navigatino effect, smooth scrolling, and the optimized SSR (small screen rendering) really making browsing on phone more comfortable.

- Now Opera Mini can login on blogger
- Edit function completely working
- All form handled correctly
- All alt text (text showed when image off) showed correctly.
- New visual effect
- Smooth scrolling
- Optimized Small Screen Rendering
- Can select indivisual image and load it
- Can show URL on link
- Just like "opera for symbian", now opera mini can show website in its original format. in this mode, opera mini give you a mouse cursor to navigate.

- Cant post new post on blogger
- Cant copy URL
- No download manager
- Some problem when handling dynamic webpages

Download Opera Mini 4 Beta from mobile phone at
Get Opera Mini 4 Beta from PC here
Try opera Mini 4 Beta direcly from your PC

Opera Mini 4 Beta is still in development, install at your own risk.
The feature on beta may differ from the final version.

Cant wait for the next Beta!


Daniel Goldman said...

Remember this is just the first beta. We still have much work to do on the rendering side.

. said...

so there a light in blogger problem :D
i cant wait for the next Beta!

Daniel Goldman said...

Oh yes, there is. :)