Wednesday, June 13, 2007

RSX Data Dumped!

Strontium Dog from PS3News has successfully dumped the PLAYSTATION 3 RSX data.

here what he said
I have released a dump of the PlayStation 3 Graphic Libraries for the RSX Hardware in the PS3, available in iRC EFNet #PS3News.

These are not machine readable, they are human readable.

They are being released because there is a wealth of information in there, and hacking NVidia GPU's is a specialist field. Hopefully the appropriate experts can take these files and provide necessary information to allow full RSX access from under linux. I am quite confident this is possible from my cursory scan of this data and the functions that exist in the PS3 Hypervisor. (Especially the undocumented RSX Register access functions).

In any event I will continue to work on this area.

Note, these files are from code that runs UNDER GameOS. Linux does not run under GameOS, it runs directly under the Hypervisor, so there are no Hypervisor calls in this data.

The data certainly reveals the structure of critical memory structures, register layout, etc.

hmm, if this "undocumented function" make us able to use RSX under Linux, this will be great

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