Monday, March 12, 2007

TIFF exploit sampai PS3 ver 1.51 masih jalan!

Dalam NFO MotorStorm_USA_PS3-PARADOX, Paradox menyatakan TIFF exploit masih bisa diterapkan di PS2 FW 1.51.

ini isi NFO-nya:

Hmzzz i think we have news to give do we? Ever wondered why the PS3 is such a better machine than a xbox360? simply because they implement too much stuff in one time! "SCEI" dont do that, you need to learn a bit more from Microsoft on this part even when they have forgotten a hypervision hack on kernel 4532 and 4548 they fixed it very fast! And what do we see on the PS3? Up until firmware 1.51 we still see holes! Why? You guys dont have the right persons to work with or is it just the pressure from the big boss? So for now dont update higher than 1.51 since 1.54 hasnt yet been tested, and 1.51 had a few tiny things fixed, but it didnt stop us much :-D Ohhh btw ever wondered if those updates are required on a disc? Actually all games up to now work without any update At least work fine on 1.32 :-) Thats all for now! So seeya tiff tiff and bye bye

[sumber: eurasia, ps3scene]

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