Saturday, March 10, 2007

GUIDE: PS2 as Media Player [UPDATED]

[UPDATED]Turn PlayStation 2 to full-fledge media player with SMS 2.3 and uLE

this will not just make PS2 DivX player but transform it into PS2 multimedia player

VIDEO : SMS 2.0 and uLE in Action

PS2 with SMS 2.3 can play:
AVI (DivX/Xvid), AC3(on AVI),MP3,OGG,MPEG1,MPEG2,srt,sub

uLE can open:
JPEG, text.

supported media:
USB mass storage (USB-HDD, FlashDisk, etc), network streaming (LAN),CD,DVD, NAS-HDD.

the apps:
uLaunchELF (multifunction file manager)
Official SMS Website

if you dont have ModChip, download the SMS cd image here (the web currently offline)

there are 2 ways to use SMS
- The easy way (using premade cd/dvd image)
- the Hard way (creating your own boot disk)

The EASY way
1. download smscd.rar (sample audio included)
2. extract it somewhere
3. burn the smscd.nrg to cd
4. put the cd on your PS2 and turn it on :D

Alternaytively you can use this cd image
SMS 2.3 Rev 1 + uLE 4.11 + SMS 2.3 Rev 2 beta

The HARD way
1. Download SYSTEM.CNF (right click, save as)
2. Download SMS from the official website
3. Rename sms version 2.3.elf to BOOT.ELF
3. Create a new CD/DVD project (im using Nero 7)
if you make CD use ISO,
if you make DVD use UDF/ISO
4. put SYSTEM.CNF and BOOT.ELF on the CD/DVD project
5. put any media files, avi, mp3, ogg you want to play.
6. Burn.

After having the Boot disc and boot the PS2 with it, you can swap the disc with any dvd/cd and play the media :D

if you have question, just ask here by using the "comment" feature.


Anonymous said...


I have used sms to play files from a networked PC but I was wondering if you know a way of getting a web browser on the ps2 as the program tversity on the following link would be a great way of accesing your PC content in the living room via a ps2:

I will check back on your comments page to see what you make of it...

Anonymous said...

im sorry, but SMS not support UPNP and currently there's no UPNP client created for PS2.

Tversity is something like UPNP server,

so its very unfortunate the answer is NO,

btw as an alternative, ou can batch convert your medi afiles to avi divx to make it playable ion sms...... -_-

Anonymous said...

If you have a further read in the features area tversity can "deliver content to connected devices via HTTP"


"Use the same server for home and mobile networked devices (with multimedia capabilities) whether they support UPnP AV / DLNA or just have a web browser or an RSS/Podcast Reader"

This was making me think if we can get some form of web browser on the ps2 then it can be the front end gui for the PC's content...

I have found hacked versions of a japanese web broswer and know you can use the network start up disk to out in an ip address and surf the web from there so maybe it's possible?

I will post on their forums about this now...

. said...

isnt the japanese web browser for ps2 not support RSS ?

i didnot have that web browser, so im unsure about its feature.

hmm can you tell me where to download it? i'll check its capability

if the web browser support RSS, 'maybe' tversity will work

Anonymous said...

Has anyone successfully used imgburn to create a sms boot dvd ?
Maybe it's SMS, but v2.3 seems *really* slow (as in minutes) when building the indices when playing avi files.
I havn't tried Nero yet in order to compare.

Anonymous said...

If someone could make a pre-build sms v2.3 boot dvd with uLaunchELF that would be great!
The image from the official site is v1.9 :(
plus their forums aren't accepting any registrations at the moment!?!

orangpelupa said...

i created the cd image, look at the guide above,
or just click here

including uLE 4.11 SMS 2.3r1 and SMS2.3r2 beta

orangpelupa said...

"Has anyone successfully used imgburn to create a sms boot dvd ?
Maybe it's SMS, but v2.3 seems *really* slow (as in minutes) when building the indices when playing avi files.
I havn't tried Nero yet in order to compare."

i just use nero to create the image, and it work.
and for indices, maybe you using USB . try using LAN or CD/DVD

USB on PS2 is only usb 1.1, very slow

Anonymous said...

That browser is called EGBrowser and you can get it in iso form so should be able to put it on a ps2 HDD ok.

I haven't got time to look for where I got it from now but search on ps2 web browser then some site where you to need to register has it.

Anonymous said...

thanks orangpelupa, I'll try it out tonight

Anonymous said...

hi! i own a north america ps2, and when i saw that i could maybe watch my .avi files on tv, i though it would be cool!! i dont have a modchip on my ps2. im a girl too, so i find all this kinda complicated, but i would like some help to make all this possible ^^, so after reading this guide, all i need is to download some file, then extract it, then burning it on cd. but i dont have a modchip >>, so i add on the same cd the file that is recommended???? and then starting the ps2 with it, i swap another cd with the stuff i wanna watch? will it work like this? and if i got a srt files with the same name as the .avi will it work?

thank you in advance! -Satoko-

orangpelupa said...

if you have swap magic disc, you can use that to run the SMS disc.

or using the new codebreaker. the new codebrraker support launching programs

btw, you can ask "modchip installer" to install a modcip on your ps2

orangpelupa said...


you can try this sms disc image,

use nero and choose "burn image"

on my friends fat PS2, its working withoud need of modchip, but on my slim ps2, it still need modchip

Anonymous said...

can u make a working dvd image so that we can download dvd image. it will help other's to save time.


orangpelupa said...

you can burn cd right? so why not just use sms cd image

just burn it to cd.
and sms is under 1MB, so using DVD is a waste i think

Otaku said...

hi forgetful person(orang pelupa). i just found out about this sms thing on ur blogger and i'm gonna test it later on my ps2. thanks. oh btw, mind telling where ya from? we might be neighbors. lol.

orangpelupa said...

hahaha orang INDONESIA kah?
gwa ada di semarang nggak jauh dari bandara Ahmad Yani (WIIS)

Anonymous said...

Hey I am using the SMS to play avi files on my ps2 and let me just say it is wonderful!! It definitely is worth having.. I was wondering if it plays ac3 audio files. I had converted a movie I had on dvd (which I had then lost) and now would like to play it using the sms player. But everytime I load it up I dont get any sound but the video is great. I even downloaded a movie from the net and it was an R1 with ac3 audio and it didnt work.. Am i supposed to change any of the settings for ac3? Every other file works just great! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! I'll check back in a few days...

orangpelupa said...

wait, are you sure your video have AC3 audio?
the files on DVD is it avi?

try use GSpot to see the audio codec.

and yes SMS support AC3 audio, so if its realya n ac3 audio it should work

if its AC3, you can use VirtualDub to "repair" your movie file.

and you can go to SMS Official Forum
to get help from more people. i recommend you go there, im also often online there :)


jimbo said...

Hello, thanks for uploading the SMS image. I don't have a mod chip so I'm really hoping this will work for my fat ps2. my CD writer is currently not working so i'll have to wait to burn the image but I do have one question. Will this version of SMS allow me to play divx from my usb flash drive and external hard drive? Thanks.

orangpelupa said...

yes you can play divx from external devices

sweeyih said...

I burn your sms cd images by nero.
My fat PS2 can't load the discs.
Would you help, please?
Thank you.

Shadow said...

I there, first of all i just want to thank you for your very simple guide for newbies like myself. I will try this two ways tonight. Now I just like to ask if it's necessary any special cofiguration to connect to a hard drive with rj45 port?? My ps2 is the slim one, and my external disk as a network connection. Thank's again and keep the nice work.