Saturday, March 10, 2007

GUIDE: Convert PSS to AVI / MPEG

This guide will tell you "how to convert PSS" to normal video format

PSS (PlayStation Stream) is a standard PlayStation2 video file. Many PS2 games ( FMV ) use this format.
PSS can contain MPEG2 or MPEG1 video and aiff, PCM, ADPCM, ATRAC3, AC3 or ADX audio.

The Guide.

Download PSS Demux 1.05

extract and run it

browse the PS2 game DVD, and look for PSS/MOVIE/STREAM folder
drag-and-drop the PSS.
PSS demux will create 2 files, M2V and WAV

convert to AVI [using VdubMod]
`run virtualdubmod, open the M2V file, go to stream then add the WAV file.
`right click the wav, click full processing, click "compression", now choose MP3 48KHz, 192kbps, stereo
`click OK
`click video then clik compression, select DivX or XviD.
`click file, save as.

now, the file will be in avi, to convert to MPEG, you can use any video conveter (Nero Vision, TMPEGEnc, etc)

some PS2 games use MPEG1, or MPEG2 video codec.
some PS2 games use PCM, ADPCM, ATRAC3, AC3 audio codec.


Sora021 said...

thanks for the tutorial , but if you're a programmer could you create a converter that will convert pss to avi(divx,mp3)
thanks !

orangpelupa said...

im not a programmer :D

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you have wrote.

Anonymous said...

> dari virtualdub mod buka file M2V dan dalam stream, masukkan file WAV...

I know English is a dying fad, but what language ARE you using?

orangpelupa said...

sorry, its fixed now.

lol, i wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia >_<

Anonymous said...

i've burnt this image to cd, and my ps2 doesnt recognise it as a playstation disc! so it doesnt run! help!

orangpelupa said...

its because these programs not to be used with PS2.

you should run it in Windows PC

Anonymous said...

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