Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Repair Xbox 360 gamepad : turn off by itself

If your wireless Xbox 360 gamepad got randomly turn off by itself, this guide will tell you how to fix it.

Tools needed.

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How to make sure the problem lies on the Battery compartment or the "coil".
- Turn on your X360 wireless gamepad
- slap the gamepad. (or toss it aroud :D)

If it OFF, follow the next step.
If its still ON. This guide won't fix your gamepad.

Repairing the Battery Compartment

- Remove the batteries from the battery compartment.
- Press both sides until it pop open.
like in this picture.
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- If it wont pop open, use the pliers.
Put the pliers on one battery slot.
Just keep force it until it breaks.

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Inside the battery compartment
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Insert a flat screwdriver head to here.
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- Just lift the sliver plate until it touch each other.

- Assamble the battery compartment.
- Secure it with tape. i suggest use thin tape.
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This should fix it.
If the problem still persist.
follow the next step.

Repairing the "coil" connection to mainboard.

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- Dissamble the gamepad by removing all the screws. Use the flat-head screw.
- There one (1) screw hidden behind a sticker.
- re-solder the conductor (spiral, coil, thingy).

Im not responsible of any damage you may created.

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