Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get INSIDE The Game

Headplay is probably every couch potato's dream. Imagine a TV. Now imagine being able to take it anywhere and everywhere you go (except perhaps in the shower), and being able to watch movies or play games on it anytime you want. That's the concept for the new "Personal Cinema System" device, Headplay.

Just imagine playing games like Call of Duty 2, FRAR, Oblivion on Headplay

Headplay is a head-mounted device; a TV you wear on your head. You can connect it to your gaming consoles, your DVD Player, your iPod, your PC, and maybe your Betamax player if it hasn't choked on dust yet. If it has a video out function, Headplay can most probably display it. You can also plug in a memory stick and Headplay can run the media files - movies, videos, and images - with its own built-in player. More on that later. First let's talk about what it actually is.

if you know .hack//G.U game, you can see "headplay" as (almost) M2D (the headgear used to play The World)

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